Cardon Lateral Pulley


The Cardon Lateral Pulley restores functional strength, endurance and coordination to the back and upper quarter. Together with the Negative Weight Bar, it is also used as a de-loader for early rehab of the lower quarter.


  • Early spine and extremity rehab with respect to flexibility, coordination, endurance and strength.
  • Assistive closed-chain training of the lower extremities.
  • Up-lift and seated row function off the lower accessory wheel.


1:1 weight to resistance ratio

Weight Stack Options 110 lbs. (L107P)
180 lbs. (L177P)
Minimum Resistance5 lbs.
Height Adjustment 94" - 101" for taller patients
Mounting OptionsCardon Training Stand
Wall Mounted
Powder coated weights stack with pin to select desired weight check mark
Standard Accessories24" Straight Triceps Bar
Handgrip Cord Adjuster
Dimensions Height: 94"
Width: 14"
Depth: 26"
Shipping WeightL107P: 195 lbs.
L177P: 225 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions90" x 15" x 15"
R16823R16823 - Negative Weight Bar
R16825R16825 - Pull-Up Bar with Cord Snap and Hook
R16202R16202 - Rowing Handgrip
R16204R16204 - 15" Curved Triceps Bar
R16831 Triceps Bar 14 StraightR16831 - 14" Straight Triceps Bar
R16842 Triceps Bar 24 StraightR16842 - 24" Straight Triceps Bar
R16840R16840 - 40" Curved Handle

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Cardon Lateral Pulley

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