Cardon Speed Pulley


The Cardon Speed Pulley allows for increased speed of movement overcoming inertia or recoil effect with the Standard Pulley. You can alter your treatment dosage without changing the number of weight plates.


  • Early spine and extremity rehab with respect to flexibility, coordination, endurance and strength.
  • Dynamic movement superimposed on a static hold position.
  • Resistive gait.
  • Balance training.
  • Core stability training.


6:1 weight resistance ratio

Weight Stack Options 132 lbs. (M60S)
220 lbs. (M100S)
Minimum Resistance1.0 lbs. (M60S)
1.7 lbs. (M100S)
Resistance Interval Adjustment 2"
Rope Excursion30 feet
Mounting OptionsCardon Training Stand
Cardon Corner Training Stand
Wall Mounted
Powder coated weights stack with pin to select desired weight check mark
Standard Accessory(2) Webbed Nylon Handle
Dimensions Height: 85"
Width: 15"
Depth: 7"
Shipping WeightM60S: 195 lbs.
M100S: 275 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions90" x 15" x 15"
R16202R16202 - Rowing Handgrip
R16203R16203 - Pro-Supination Handgrip
R16204R16204 - 15" Curved Triceps Bar
R16831 Triceps Bar 14 StraightR16831 - 14" Straight Triceps Bar
R16842 Triceps Bar 24 StraightR16842 - 24" Straight Triceps Bar
R16226_R16211R16211 - Handgrip for Pulley (with pad)
R16210R16210 - Gantry with Cord and Pulley
R16819R16819 - Resistive Weight Set
R16821R16821 - Banana Strap
R16275_76_77R16275 - Leather Wrist Strap
R16276 - Leather Ankle Strap
R16277 - Leather Thigh Strap
* straps sold separately
R16826R16826 - Webbed Nylon Pulley Handle
R16827,8,9 Additional Nylon StrapsR16827 - Webbed Nylon Wrist Strap
R16828 - Webbed Nylon Ankle Strap
R16829 - Webbed Nylon Thigh Strap
* straps sold separately

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Cardon Speed Pulley

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