SKYE Massage Table

The SKYE massage table was created to accommodate the unique requirements of massage therapists. The highlight of this table is its newly designed head section, which can be adjusted for both lying and seated chair massage positions. The variable position armrests can be adjusted on 3 axes to comfortably position patients and relax the shoulders. A powered centre section will provide passive placement of the lumbar spine into flexion, extension, or side flexion. This table also features Soft Touch Technology providing you with convenient access to electric hi-lo controls. The maximum lifting capacity is 500 lbs.

Soft Touch Technology

Cardon’s patented Soft Touch Footswitch has been strategically positioned on the base of your imaging table. Minimal amount of pressure applied by your foot will raise and lower the table with ease.


“These amazing tables are designed to enhance proper body mechanics, minimize energy required by the manual therapist, and enhance therapeutic outcomes of every manual therapy technique. After touring the factory, I was convinced this was one of the best engineered hi-lo tables in our industry.”

James Waslaski, Author & International Lecturer of Integrated Manual Therapy

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