Cardon Standard Pulley


The Cardon Standard Pulley, with its accessories, is considered one of the most versatile pieces of rehab equipment to improve tissue tolerance to physical load.


  • Early spine and extremity rehab with respect to flexibility,
    coordination, endurance and strength.
  • Assistive closed-chain training of the lower extremities.
  • Up-lift and seated row function off the lower accessory wheel.
  • Allows for both assistive and resistive rehab.
  • Rope adjustability allows for rehab of muscle groups through their entire range of motion.


1:1 weight to resistance ratio

Weight Stack Options Single Pulleys:
24 lbs. (S24P)
30 lbs. (S30P)
50 lbs. (S50P)
65 lbs. (S65P)

Bilateral Pulleys (2):
24 lbs. (B24P)
30 lbs. (B30P)
50 lbs. (B50P)
65 lbs. (B65P)
Minimum Resistance1.0 lbs.
Resistance Interval Adjustment 2"
Accessory Weights3 x 0.5 lbs.
Mounting OptionsCardon Training Stand
Cardon Corner Training Stand
Wall Mounted
Powder coated weights stack with pin to select desired weight check mark
Standard AccessoryWebbed Nylon Handle
Dimensions Height: 85"
Width: 15"
Depth: 7"
Shipping Weight95-150 lbs. (depending on weight stack)
Shipping Dimensions90" x 15" x 15" (per pulley)
R16202R16202 - Rowing Handgrip
R16203R16203 - Pro-Supination Handgrip
R16204R16204 - 15" Curved Triceps Bar
R16831 Triceps Bar 14 StraightR16831 - 14" Straight Triceps Bar
R16842 Triceps Bar 24 StraightR16842 - 24" Straight Triceps Bar
R16226_R16211R16211 - Handgrip for Pulley (with pad)
R16210R16210 - Gantry with Cord and Pulley
R16271R16271 - Pulley Doubler
R16819R16819 - Resistive Weight Set
R16821R16821 - Banana Strap
R16275_76_77R16275 - Leather Wrist Strap
R16276 - Leather Ankle Strap
R16277 - Leather Thigh Strap
* straps sold separately
R16826R16826 - Webbed Nylon Pulley Handle
R16827,8,9 Additional Nylon StrapsR16827 - Webbed Nylon Wrist Strap
R16828 - Webbed Nylon Ankle Strap
R16829 - Webbed Nylon Thigh Strap
* straps sold separately

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Cardon Standard Pulley

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