Cardon Training Stand


The Cardon Training Stand is a free standing workstation that allows for the attachment of a range of items from the Cardon Standard Pulleys, Cardon Speed Pulleys, Cardon Lateral Pulleys and Mounting Ladder and Incline/Slant Board. By placing the workstation in the middle of a room, it is much easier to observe multiple patients working out simultaneously.

Pulley systems sold separately.


Pulley systems are sold separately

Accommodates up to 8 pulley systems Cardon Standard Pulley
Cardon Speed Pulley
Cardon Lateral Pulley
Cardon Mounting Ladder & Incline/Slant Board
Mounting OptionsFreestanding with stabilizing outriggers
Floor Mounted
Dimensions Height: 85"
Width: 57"
Length: 59"
Shipping Weight225 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions(2) 60" x 65" x 12"

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Cardon Training Stand

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