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Cardon Treatment Table (CTT) with Pelvic Health Package

Choose Upholstery Colour…
  • Choose Upholstery Colour…
  • Adobe White US 394
  • Parchment US 385
  • Bone US 404
  • Taupe US 410
  • Alabaster US 396
  • Sand US 384
  • Bisque US 409
  • Putty US 403
  • Russet US 536
  • Doe US 519
  • Maple US 535
  • Camel US 387
  • Sun Yellow US 322
  • Golden Corn US 524
  • Orange Ochre US 534
  • Mandarin Orange US 372
  • Oak US 421
  • Cinnamon US 377
  • Terra Cotta US 376
  • Rosalee US504
  • Tomato US 358
  • American Beauty US 360
  • Cinnabar US 520
  • Dark Cherry US 507
  • Paprika US 370
  • Claret US 357
  • Dove US 413
  • Bronze US 523
  • British Tan US 365
  • Gingersnap US 369
  • Chestnut US 375
  • Mocha US 381
  • Espresso US 383
  • Sage US 526
  • Artichoke US 527
  • Olive Green US 529
  • Emerald US 343
  • Nebo US 533
  • Forest US 344
  • Yew Green US 530
  • Platinum US 531
  • Dusty Jade US 417
  • Grotto US 426
  • Greystone US 425
  • Gunmetal US 392
  • Graphite US 429
  • Black US 393
  • Fjord US 517
  • Wedgewood US 414
  • Capri Blue US 514
  • Space Blue US 353
  • Regimental Blue US 345
  • Blue Ridge US 427
  • Imperial Blue US 432
  • Admiral US 532
  • Sky Blue US 516
  • Royal US 354
  • Deep Violet US 511
  • Concord US 510
  • Burgundy US 364
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Grey
  • White
Choose Base Colour…
  • Choose Base Colour…
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • White
  • Black

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The Cardon Treatment Table with Pelvic Health package is a dual-purposed table. Uniquely designed and engineered. This leading pelvic table easily transforms into our popular orthopaedic treatment table.

This innovative table features a center section with a pelvic tilt that allows the therapist to easily adjust the seat up to 20 degrees. This allows the pelvis to rest in a more neutral and supported position, providing greater comfort for the patient and allowing the pelvic muscles to stay relaxed. The pressure is also removed off of the tailbone/sacrum which is helpful for clients who experience pain in these areas or who cannot tolerate prolonged pressure there for the duration of treatment. Tilting the middle section upwards also provides great support for the clinician’s shoulders, elbows and wrists; allowing their elbows to rest on the tilted pad when treating patients.

This table is designed for treating Pelvic Floor patients from both left and right sides of the table as well as from the end of the table, and suitable for both methods of treatment. Thigh supports on the table can easily be removed to convert to a treatment table with a 3 piece head section for Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy within a multidisciplinary clinic.


  • The leg & knee supports allow for the client to relax their pelvis and legs while maintaining their decency and privacy (unlike OBGYN tables with heel assists).
  • The table is easily adjustable to accommodate all patient sizes.
  • Provides significant improvement to therapist comfort and mechanics.
  • Improves overall quality of assessment and treatment techniques due to the relaxation of the client and the enhanced body mechanics of the therapist.


Cardon’s patented Soft Touch Footswitch has been strategically positioned on the base of your treatment table. Minimal amount of pressure applied by your foot will raise and lower the table with ease.

3 Section Table
Electric Hi-Lo Control Soft Touch Footswitch
Height Adjustment 19" - 38"
Head Section Adjustment Positive locking system with dual head support
Center Section Pelvic tilt (up to 20 degrees) by powered actuator with handheld control
Leg Section Adjustment Gas spring
Caster System Dual lever retractable (4” casters)
ADA Compliant
Frame Construction High strength seamless tubular frame
Frame Color Powder coat in Gunmetal Grey, Black or White
Upholstery Foam 1.5” thick
Antimicrobial Naugahyde Upholstery Over 60 upholstery color options
Dynamic Lifting Capacity 500 lbs
Dimensions 27" x 77"
Power Supply 120 Volt AC 60 Hz. Max. 2.5 Amp.
Fire Retardant Upholstery

Examination paper holder

Vinyl Pillow Covers

All-Purpose Hi-Lo Stool

Cardon’s Lifetime Warranty

Our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, that exceed your expectations in terms of performance, durability, and longevity. We use a unique high grade seamless steel tubing, that is designed for manufacturing automotive safety components. In combination with significant design enhancements, and the latest manufacturing technology we are confident in our upgraded lifetime warranty on frame offer.

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